Thursday, September 18, 2014

I was not eaten by a zombie

I would like to appologize for my absence.  It has been a long and strange journey the past two years.  I find it most amusing that the last poem was posted just after the Mayan Apocalypse.  It may have appeared to some that there really was a Zombie uprising, taking out your dear Eerie Edgar.  No, dear reader, it did not.  There have been some expansions to my creative outlets including selling a few items on Etsy.  When I get the shop back up and running, look for Chest of Wonders.  Often times, the strange and wonderful will more likely end up at Twinkleberry Cottage as I am not really good at shop keeping.  Some of those creations will end up on auction at Circus Couture, hosted by some wonderful and gifted people with hearts so big, they must share them with the community.  

Hopefully inspiration will bite me soon and there will be frightening new prose for you to mull over.  After all, in a mere week and a half, the season of fright will begin once again!